apparently I’m a therapist

I stumbled upon some new (to me) remote job search sites. So I started looking. I think it would be nice to have another revenue stream that doesn't revolve around getting more therapy clients. And wouldn't it be nice to flex some other muscles, to remind myself that I'm more than a helping professional? To... Continue Reading →


i am here

shreds of skin left behind. they can’t come with me. remnants of my old ways. i’m pushing forward despite the tearing and the tears. willing myself to bear just one more scar, just one more wound to deliver myself. faster and faster i’m running, my hair tangled in the wind, gripped by my past that wrenches me... Continue Reading →


I have started this blog as a way to tap into the creative spark I have avoided or even belittled for a long time now. I avoided because there was always something more important to do than be creative... I belittled because my creative spark could not possibly be valuable or interesting enough to attend to...... Continue Reading →

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