apparently I’m a therapist

I stumbled upon some new (to me) remote job search sites. So I started looking. I think it would be nice to have another revenue stream that doesn't revolve around getting more therapy clients. And wouldn't it be nice to flex some other muscles, to remind myself that I'm more than a helping professional? To... Continue Reading →


Reflections on the Self

Seeking the refuge of the Self resonates with attachment theory. Our parents/caregivers create a secure bond with us that allows us to feel safe enough to explore the world. Whatever happens, we know we have a safety net to return to in our parents' love. Psychologically, this creates a belief that the world and its... Continue Reading →

Quick Musing

While I am working on a few different posts in my head, I wanted to share a quick thought. I had a visceral reaction as I was listening to Pema Chodron's Getting Unstuck¬†today. She was talking about the Tibetan word¬†shenpa, which she translates (not exhaustively) as attachment, getting hooked, and a pre-emotional tightening that occurs... Continue Reading →

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