I see your pain…now what?

I've been thinking a lot about emotional pain. How it looks. How people respond to it. What makes it better. How sometimes you're just supposed to sit with it, and other times you need to challenge it. How sometimes you need someone to sit with you, and other times you need to be left alone.... Continue Reading →



During a yoga practice yesterday, while floating in savasana, I heard the teacher say that imposing conditions on your current experience will not help you. A wave of emotion swept over me, because I felt the truth of this message. It's not the novelty of the concept that affected me so deeply, but more that... Continue Reading →

Surrender to Reality

For the past few weeks, I have taken home with me one of my couple clients. Their struggle has become part of me and weighs heavy on my heart. It's not so much that I have taken on their struggle and want somehow to save them; rather, I have been holding onto the reality they... Continue Reading →

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