I see your pain…now what?

I've been thinking a lot about emotional pain. How it looks. How people respond to it. What makes it better. How sometimes you're just supposed to sit with it, and other times you need to challenge it. How sometimes you need someone to sit with you, and other times you need to be left alone.... Continue Reading →


Reflections on the Self

Seeking the refuge of the Self resonates with attachment theory. Our parents/caregivers create a secure bond with us that allows us to feel safe enough to explore the world. Whatever happens, we know we have a safety net to return to in our parents' love. Psychologically, this creates a belief that the world and its... Continue Reading →

wanting more = doing more

I've been wondering about relationships. With friends. With lovers. With family. I've wondered about their development, or lack thereof. I'm curious about how they get stuck in some point in the past and can't seem to move forward. How the people in them time travel when in relation to each other but stay grounded in... Continue Reading →

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