Expectations. Premeditated resentments. Unnecessary stress. Yesterday, I did a great job of placing the responsibility of change squarely on the shoulders of my clients--where it belongs, of course. And yet, for hours afterward I was left with a sadness I couldn't explain. Through reflection and journaling, I stumbled across the thought: I expect my clients... Continue Reading →


Leadership, or a lack thereof

I've been thinking a lot about management. For the last 2 years or so I've worked essentially unsupervised, and I've appreciated the breathing room. If you asked the managers I've worked for in the years since grad school, they might tell you I have a problem with authority. I actually had a supervisor tell me... Continue Reading →

A note from your (human) therapist

It turns out that your therapist has a few--*gasp*--expectations! Deep breaths, everyone. Peel yourself off the floor if you fainted. I can wait... "Expectations" is practically a dirty word, isn't it? Therapists aren't supposed to have them. We're supposed to be unconditionally supportive, allowing you to be as you are in any given moment. Yes... and I... Continue Reading →

apparently I’m a therapist

I stumbled upon some new (to me) remote job search sites. So I started looking. I think it would be nice to have another revenue stream that doesn't revolve around getting more therapy clients. And wouldn't it be nice to flex some other muscles, to remind myself that I'm more than a helping professional? To... Continue Reading →

I see your pain…now what?

I've been thinking a lot about emotional pain. How it looks. How people respond to it. What makes it better. How sometimes you're just supposed to sit with it, and other times you need to challenge it. How sometimes you need someone to sit with you, and other times you need to be left alone.... Continue Reading →

Missed Opportunity

It's expected that clients will occasionally leave therapy abruptly. Even if I think things are going okay; even if the clients have told me that things appear to be going ok. It's rare, however, for clients to return and tell you why they left. It's definitely an opportunity for growth. I can learn where I... Continue Reading →

The dangers of Axis II

When I was in graduate school, one of our most seemingly prestigious instructors warned my class against the potential evils of Axis II (personality disorders). He said that while he didn't want us to pathologize our clients, he needed us to know that some people in this world are truly dangerous, that we must be... Continue Reading →

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