My Last Cry of Agony

it's heavy and quiet in here. the air is thick with sorrow, and i feel it like tar on my limbs. my breath is labored but full. i walk softly, not wanting to disturb the others. i feel them near, their blood in my blood, giving life to the sickness. i am strong but there is... Continue Reading →


i am here

shreds of skin left behind. they can’t come with me. remnants of my old ways. i’m pushing forward despite the tearing and the tears. willing myself to bear just one more scar, just one more wound to deliver myself. faster and faster i’m running, my hair tangled in the wind, gripped by my past that wrenches me... Continue Reading →


Faith is taken for granted. It is taken for granted that someone who grows up in a particular religious context will be religious or faithful. That faith is part of your heritage. No. Religion and its accoutrements are part of your heritage. What you feel inside, how you internalize your family’s religious traditions is a... Continue Reading →

Quick Musing

While I am working on a few different posts in my head, I wanted to share a quick thought. I had a visceral reaction as I was listening to Pema Chodron's Getting Unstuck today. She was talking about the Tibetan word shenpa, which she translates (not exhaustively) as attachment, getting hooked, and a pre-emotional tightening that occurs... Continue Reading →

Surrender to Reality

For the past few weeks, I have taken home with me one of my couple clients. Their struggle has become part of me and weighs heavy on my heart. It's not so much that I have taken on their struggle and want somehow to save them; rather, I have been holding onto the reality they... Continue Reading →

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