3rd time’s a charm

I've started at least 3 posts recently and can't finish/publish any of them. I think it's because I keep trying to write something reflective of a bigger picture. Meh. Instead, I'm going to just tell you what's been up. I've been writing A LOT, both personally and professionally. Great, right? I'm pretty excited. Elizabeth Gilbert's... Continue Reading →


on the verge…

I'm on the verge of on the verge of tears. It's an odd feeling. I sense it creeping in. Filling all the little spaces in between the bones and the muscles. Deep inside the fascia where my breath struggles to reach to clear it out. If I forget to pay attention, it expands and I... Continue Reading →

My Last Cry of Agony

it's heavy and quiet in here. the air is thick with sorrow,¬†and i feel it like tar on my limbs. my breath is labored but full. i walk softly, not wanting to disturb the others. i feel them near, their blood in my blood, giving life to the sickness. i am strong but there is... Continue Reading →

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