I decided to teach myself to sew. I'm having a blast!!!


3rd time’s a charm

I've started at least 3 posts recently and can't finish/publish any of them. I think it's because I keep trying to write something reflective of a bigger picture. Meh. Instead, I'm going to just tell you what's been up. I've been writing A LOT, both personally and professionally. Great, right? I'm pretty excited. Elizabeth Gilbert's... Continue Reading →

i am here

shreds of skin left behind. they can’t come with me. remnants of my old ways. i’m pushing forward despite the tearing and the tears. willing myself to bear just one more scar, just one more wound to deliver myself. faster and faster i’m running, my hair tangled in the wind, gripped by my past that wrenches me... Continue Reading →


I started this blog to motivate myself to write about the things that inspire me. I haven’t posted since October. I assure you this does not mean I have lacked inspiration or that the world has ceased to entertain and enlighten me. It means creating the blog as a motivational tool has not been entirely... Continue Reading →

Word Collage

I finally finished my latest word collage. These pieces force me to focus. I have to be meticulous and willing to cope with imperfection and adaptation. It's like putting together a puzzle without knowing what the final product nor the pieces look like. It's always fun to see what emerges…

I am impressed with this very articulate and simple way of looking at creative process. I continue to encounter and identify my obstacles to creating a routine or habit. I think looking at my blog as a source of accountability will be a helpful antidote to my incredible aptitude for making excuses. One can hope anyway!

Studio Mothers: Life & Art

Sometimes creative angst gets the better of us. How often do you find yourself thinking “I don’t have enough time,” or “My work’s not good enough,” or “I’ll never reach my creative goals”? Here are four simple ways to avoid those minefields and stay focused on what really matters: your creative work.

1. Turn rejection into affirmation. With practice, you can reframe rejection so that it actually affirms your creativity, rather than causes injury. Here’s how. Simply put, you can’t get rejected if you haven’t had the courage to send your work out into the world. And you can’t send your work out into the world if you haven’t reached a level of completion and polish that makes you believe your work has legs. And your work can’t have legs if you haven’t put yourself at your desk or easel or studio bench and actually done the work, for however…

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No words yet…

I haven't posted in some time. But I wanted to share a few photos that represent where I've been… …and what I'm working on…

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