3rd time’s a charm

I’ve started at least 3 posts recently and can’t finish/publish any of them. I think it’s because I keep trying to write something reflective of a bigger picture. Meh. Instead, I’m going to just tell you what’s been up.

I’ve been writing A LOT, both personally and professionally. Great, right? I’m pretty excited. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcast and new book Big Magic have been incredibly inspirational (you should check them out!) and really gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get started writing. I’m in the middle of two creative projects. I feel equally compelled to write both of them, so I work on the one that speaks loudest to me on any given day. It’s kinda fun. One seems to be a young adult fantasy story; I’m really fascinated by the little flashes of inspiration I receive, and I do my best to funnel those images onto my computer screen. The other one is about being a therapist and a human in relationships. I’m really intrigued by this one, because the themes feel very close to home. I also get to show people what being a real therapist is all about, without all the sensationalism and drama that the media portrays. Yes, we have intense moments, but the beauty of therapy is in the small moments, where compassion and authenticity arise. That’s what I want to write about.

A few fun reflections on the process….

  1. My writing is fun and sucks all at the same time. 🙂 I’ve always been told I’m a great writer, and I’m grateful for that feedback. But man! Writing a novel is tough! Translating images in my head onto paper is like squeezing blood from a stone. Most of the time, I feel like I’m just trying to get to the next scene. The specific scenes themselves are great, it’s all the in between that sounds trite and contrived. But I just say, “that’s cool! I’ll figure it out later!” It’s the act of writing that I’m trying to accomplish. Not the act of writing the next best seller!
  2. Related to the first point….I wonder if I’m good enough to tell the story I want to tell. Can I actually find a way to describe to the reader the magical things going on inside me? I’m pretty interested in where these stories are going, and I want to write them in a way that keeps people interested and that makes sense. I choose to be irreverent here and not take it so seriously. Just write!
  3. I have no idea where these stories are going! But I love the characters I’m getting to know, and I’m enjoying the little snippets of their lives they’re showing me. I’ll have to embrace the mystery for a time, I guess, and hope they continue to reveal their paths to me as long as I keep plodding along. Keep moving, even if you can only see 10 feet in front of you!

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